660aa748735ccda495b879af993527fb Ethnic Districts
Ethnic districts appeared in Singapore as a result of the founder Sir Stamford Raffles' plan to adapt new immigrants across national communities. A trip to Singapore is never complete without a visit to the island-state's ethnic enclaves. Imagine the full cultural scope of Asia, compressed into a handful of districts scattered throughout Singapore - that sums up the experience of visiting the ethnic districts that serve the Malay, Chinese, and Indian communities that call Singapore home. Apart from the cultural high, you' will also get your fill of shopping and dining at every ethnic stop. 


Little India

Little India has the most unique aroma of all of Singapore's ethnic enclaves - chalk it up to the spices and scents sold and used through its streets. Little India is home to the 24-hour mall known as Mustafa Centre, where retail literally never sleeps. Other souvenir shopping stops include the Little India Arcade, Tekka Market, and the stalls over on Campbell Lane, where traditional saris can be fitted and bought.

Visit Little India during the traditional festivals of Deepavali and Thaipusam to see Little India at its best - lit up by thousands of lights and bustling with more activity than usual. 

Arab district
With up and coming hipster hoods popping up around the city, Singapore's veteran creative hub Arab Street continues to thrive, morphing into a calmer and cooler version of its once young and overly energetic self.

In addition to new trendy hangouts, Arab Street celebrates its colorful heritage. Rather than just one road, Arab Street actually refers to the area including Bussorah Street, Haji and Bali Lanes and Muscat Street. Its heart is the Masjid Sultan Mosque, with a history that reaches back 200 years. But this is also an area of indie boutiques, restored shop-houses and street arts (not a common sight in Singapore) -- that attract anyone from buskers to tourists and families. This is our pick of what not to miss. 

Chinatown was born out of Sir Stamford Raffles' policy of allocating a district to each ethnicity in Singapore - his 1828 town plan allocated the area south of the Singapore River to the island's Chinese immigrants, who built Chinatown's narrow streets and shophouses. Today, Chinatown's unique history can be seen right at street view, starting with the enclave's colorful shophouses (some of which have been converted into hotels and museums - even ad agencies!). If you want a more concise, immersive look at the area's history, visit the Chinatown Heritage Center. The Chinatown Food Street and Night Market is a must-see for visitors who want to sample the district's take on traditional Chinese food. Visit the oldest Taoist temple in Singapore, Thian Hock Keng Temple, to get a look at the religious activities of the old-time Chinese residents of Singapore. On Sago Street, you can find the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, another major religious destination for Singapore's Chinese Buddhist community.

Not all of Chinatown is culturally Chinese; Sri Mariamman Temple, a Hindu center of worship, and the Masjid Jamae, a mosque, are located at the heart of Chinatown.

Orchard Road
This main street can be compared to Tverskaya Street in Moscow, Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg, Times Square in New York and the Champs Elysees in Paris, but the density of retail space in Singapore is much higher than anywhere else and everything is ultra clean. Shopping centers will amaze you with designs, variety of choices and great discounts.

Majority of parks in Singapore are equipped with buses or monorails. While buying tickets at the entrance, you may need to pay a little extra to use these means of transportation, as the parks are huge and walking may get tiring after some time. In addition, it saves time.


The Singapore Zoo

At this beautifully designed zoo where animals live in habitats close to their natural ones, you can trek along the tracks or hop on to a guided tram to see natural wonders like the endangered white tiger and the world’s largest collection of proboscis monkeys. The exhibits are divided into 11 zones, each a unique immersive experience waiting to be explored. In the Fragile Forest you will enter a massive biodome that recreates the amazing diversity of the rainforest. There you can find mousedeer on the forest floor, or climb to the observation deck to catch a glimpse of the flying foxes ethat often glide over the heads of visitors! Visit the polar bear and other Arctic inhabitants at the Frozen Tundra, the most fascinating exhibit yet. Other zones include the Primate Kingdom, where each of the 39 primates on display have their own island, or the Reptile Garden, which houses giant tortoises and fearsome Komodo dragons. The zoo is ideal for families. The kids will be kept busy with activities like the Kidzranger Tour, which lets them try their hand at being a zoo keeper.  According to ForbesTravel, Singapore Zoo is one of the best ones in the world.

Night Safari
Night Safari opens at 7:30 pm and is open until midnight. This park will leave the most vivid impression on all visitors regardless of their age – vans with visitors ride through the dark alleys, lit only by "moonlight" lanterns. And the surroundings are teeming with "wild" life - a stone's throw to the rhinos, warthogs pass road, etc. It feels like you are in Africa’s savanna. Despite the dark, you can see everything very well. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the park is closed during rainy weather. 
Bird Park
The birds park has English-speaking parrots, they can say «Hello» to you, if you say it first. Birds of paradise, flamingos, ostriches, and a terrace with parrots which can be fed by hand.
Singapore Botanic Gardens and Orchid Park 
Singapore Botanic Gardens is filled with bliss, peace, harmony and is located in an area of 52 hectares. Lush tropical vegetation contrasts here with the smooth-cropped lawns, fountains, waterfalls and benches. The amazing orchid flowers are widely represented in the Park of orchids. Entrance to the park is free, there are few visitors, and if you have the time, you can take a stroll in this lovely park.
952eb3933f405d242b625c609aaf8589 The Raffles Hotel
The legendary and one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore, The Raffles is designed in a very luxurious and aristocratic style. The guests usually are VIPs. The Raffles Hotel's famous Long Bar, where Singapore Sling was invented and still served to date, is located on the opposite side of the entrance to the hotel, so it can be visited by anyone. There are also some restaurants and cafes in the building that non-residents are allowed to visit.
Long Bar
Home of the famous Singapore Sling, this two-storey bar located on the second floor of Raffles Hotel and is the place where travellers undergo one of the true rites of passage of travel. While there, sip on the world famous pink cocktail created in 1915 by bar captain Ngiam Tong Boon, and toss peanut shells onto the floor, the only place in Singapore where “littering” is permitted. The menu also offers a wide range of cocktails together with traditional pub favorites.
The earthy interiors are inspired by the Malayan plantation life in the 1920s. Oriental carpets are overlain on tiled floors and the furniture is traditional stained cane and rattan. A charming timber spiral staircase connects the two levels of the Long Bar with the seating above interspersed with teak lounge chairs.
Swissotel The Stamford
Swissotel The Stamford - the tallest hotel in Singapore, a skyscraper of 73 floors. The hotel is part of the Swiss hotel chain and Embassy Alliance Travel proudly includes it in the list of the best places to see in Singapore. Stanford tower is adjacent to the whole complex together with the office building, shopping and business center and even a underground station. In the ultra-modern «Equinox» bar on the 71-72 floors of the hotel the luxury fashion city surrounded by the sea and islands will be under your feet and such breathtaking view is promised to give you butterflies.


Fountain of Wealth
There is a fountain surrounded by 5 high towers in a very well-kept and modern district of Suntec City. It is the world's largest fountain and is listed in the record books. It is constructed on the basis of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, the art of wind and water, bringing peace, calm and wealth. Water running in a circle is a symbol of infinity. It is believed that if you walk around the fountain three times, you will not face the problems with money. All local residents regularly do their bypass and, indeed, poverty is not among their complaining. Free laser show here starts at 20:20.

333351849f89c26c231715c6a182a32f Singapore River 
It's nice to walk along the waterfront of Singapore River in the evenings. There are a lot of young people and all sorts of clubs and restaurants. Everything is very civilized, and service is of first class. Clarke Quay is uniquely illuminated and looks pretty surreal. During the day, Clarke Quay is quiet and mostly empty. But the night life spots here are very happening indeed. It offers a warm atmosphere and plenty of entertainment. Differently themed bars styled as a hospital, a factory, etc.
You can also go on a Singapore River Cruise by purchasing the ticket at one of many sales counters along the river. The ride will take about 40 minutes.
Boat Quay was a busy market hundred years ago. There was loading and unloading of huge quantities of goods and laborers - coolies and porters were carrying jute sacks of rice on their shoulders, tanned of sun along the springy underfoot gangplank. The success of Singapore as a center of commercial activity began right here. Now the waterfront has restaurants and cafes and famous for seafood and famous Singapore Chili Crab. Very near you can find the oldest building in Singapore - The House of Parliament. This former colonial mansion was built in 1827. Now it is The House of Arts.

Singapore Flyer (Ferris wheel) 
Singapore Flyer – one of the highest Ferris wheel in the world, from which, one can survey the whole country as a miniature map. 
Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Science center is located near the Chinese garden metro station. That's really where you have to take your children to and they will definitely be delighted. They can touch all the expositions and test them to understand the essence of certain physical phenomena, learn experimentally where the light, a tornado and lightning come from, see how the chicks hatch in the incubator, see X-ray spoofs, play a harp without strings, etc. For example, there is a hall called «Human body», where all parts of the human body represented in detail under the microscope. There is a planetarium as well as a separate pavilion, where you will see the unusual, even magical things, but they are quite explainable scientifically.
Fort Canning Park 
If the weather is favorable, and you would like to take a walk, we suggest you to take historical walk through Fort Canning Park, next to the Hill Street. In the middle of the XIX century military warehouses, barracks and hospital were built here. Only barracks building preserved to this day and now is transformed into a museum. This is a rather silent and deserted park with ancient guns and Indian sanctuary. There is a one-story house, in which, according to legend, Sir Stamford Raffles lived. The main attraction of the park is in the back of the hill. This is where Battle Box - the largest underground command post headquarters of the British-Malaysian troops during the Second World War is hidden. This is where the decision on the surrender of the British garrison in front of the Japanese was made. On the morning of February 15, 1942 Singapore surrendered to the Japanese forces besieged it and was called Sonya-To. By the way, it was the first and only case of the British garrison surrender in the twentieth century. After that, in the dungeons of Battle Box the Japanese secret police settled turning the premises of the former command post into Gestapo. Now it is a museum, which recreates the environment of February of 1942. In addition, the tank is equipped with modern systems of video and audio effects, so you can imagine how it felt to the inhabitants of those tragic days. As the ceiling shakes, you can hear the echo of explosions of bombs everywhere, some shouting orders, the phone ringing, working telegraph, etc. Frozen wax figures in British military uniform at their posts, the military card, army telephones and radio transmitters. The presence effect is100%. 
b8c393ba9a8a5ef58628784035230dce Sentosa Island
Once there was a fishing village, then the British military base, and now its an entertainment island. Generally, Sentosa - the southernmost point of South-East Asia. There's even a signage - "the most southern point ...".

These days Sentosa is one of the largest entertainment centers in the world. It has dozens of themed adventure rides and hosts one of the most expensive developments in the world – Resorts World Sentosa with famous Universal Studios Singapore, where you can easily spend the whole day. Other attractions will probably take another day, so please do plan well.

You can get to the island by different means of transport. The most interesting and picturesque of them is probably the cable car over the straits between Sentosa and Singapore. The alternative can be taxi, bus, or MRT.

The island has about nine very comfortable five star hotels. We recommend you to stay in one of them at least for a day.

Means of Transportation
Upon arrival to the island it is best to get on the free bus ride over the island in order to have an idea of where the attraction spots are. Buses run on four lines, each of which is named by the color , e.g. "Blue Line". A detailed diagram of the bus route from which you may reach different destinations is available at every stop. There is a stop where buses intersect, where you can transfer to another line.

Underwater World Aquarium
It is the largest aquarium in Asia, where anyone can feed the rays and enjoy seeing the eels, piranhas, and even small sharks. Here you can also see the stunning beauty of seahorses, jellyfish and corals.

This is a thrilling ride in a small movie theater where the seats combined 2x2 on huge pneumatic arms like in an open car. Buckle up, the lights are off and the screen shows a little man who scares you with the upcoming actions. After that, you can see people traveling down the mountain serpentine on boards resembling a large skateboard, and you join them. The full reality of the situation, wobbly chairs create the necessary overload, you leave the road, almost falling under the wheels of the car, and everything is in the same spirit. This 4D closer to the American version - it is a short movie, not a cartoon, as in the usual 4D.

Huge Merlion a stone symbol of Singapore is in the center of the island. After watching a cartoon-legend of Singapore, you can climb to the observation deck on the head of the Merlion. The second site is right in his mouth.
There are several well-equipped beaches on Sentosa. Free changing rooms are placed everywhere, fountains for washing feet from sand after swimming, there are safety deposit boxes, booths, where you deposit a coin, locking the booth, and you take the key with you on a rope.

"Images of Singapore" Museum 
It is a museum on the history of Singapore and the people who built it with come-to-life exhibits. The Chinese, Indians, Malays and the British - they are all one people - Singaporeans. Exhibits will tell you about life in Singapore a few centuries ago, about the Japanese occupation and surrender of the Japanese at the end of the war, about local festivals, customs and much more.

Universal Studio Singapore - a theme park located on Sentosa Island - the first park Universal Studios has in Southeast Asia.
Opening Hours: 9:00 to 18:00. During your visit you have a choice of 24 amusements. 18 of them were designed for the first time uniquely for Universal Studios Singapore Park! The Park is rather large, with territory of 20 hectares and it will probably take you most of the day to cover therides that you like. Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 unique themed zones that surround the lagoon. Let’s look into each one of them in detail:

660aa748735ccda495b879af993527fb № 1. Hollywood 
This is the main park street and the first zone the visitors come into, upon entry to the park. It is based on the "Hollywood" Boulevard. The dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Walk of Fame. Or maybe you want to go to Broadway in order to watch the musical? Then you should go to the Theatre "Pantages Hollywood" with 1500 seats and all the main Broadway plays. Most of the shops with various souvenirs are located in this zone. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Betty Boop, the Scorpion King, Kung Fu Panda, and Frankenstein roam the kingdom entertaining visitors and posing for pictures.

№ 2. New York  
You will feel the spirit and energy of the largest city in the United States. This area of the park is built as a small replica of the streets of New York: Planning, neon lights and facades. Here you will find the famous Steven Spielberg's show "Light! Camera! Action! ", As well as Scene 28 attraction where you can actually see how the movies are made.

№ 3. Sci Fi - Space City 
Welcome to the City of the Future! Try out some futuristic rides and 2 absolutely marvelous rollercoasters.

№ 4. Ancient Egypt 
The Egyptian pyramids and obelisks, never seem to get bogged down in the sands of time. "Ancient Egypt" zone is based on the historical facts of the 1930s - the discovery of Egypt golden era. Welcome to the times when the pharaohs graves were found and their terrible curse was thwarted. Experience yourself in being a brave archeologist unraveling the riddles of the Sphinx in this sandy soil. It does not matter whether you are going to quench your thirst in Spice Oasis Cafe, choose Egyptian treasures in Carter's Curiosities or experiencing the attraction "Revenge of the Mummy", just know one thing - it is an area for really brave people!

№ 5. The Lost World 
"The Lost World" zone is divided into two parts: the "Jurassic Park" and "Water World". This part of the park contains traditional attractions that are present in most Universal Studios parks. "Jurassic Park" is based on adventure films of Steven Spielberg. Sail along the river among the jungle inhabited by dinosaurs. The "Water World" park takes a look at deadly stunts which are presented only here and are based on the eponymous “Water World" movie. Experience yourself as a superhero among the sudden explosions of fire and water splashes!

af25b802a6e918129b42e1545ba86a1b № 6. Shrek's Kingdom 
This area of the park is based on the famous "Shrek" animated movie. As you get here you will feel as if you are one of the heroes of this tale. There are places such as Shrek's house, Romeo Drive house and, of course, a huge, life-size Royal Castle, consisting famous attractions as "Shrek 4D», and live shows with a donkey, where you can hear the voices of Mike Mayers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz.

№ 7. Madagascar
Welcome to the beloved cartoon "Madagascar" where the four animals escaped the New York zoo and made an emergency landing on the island of Madagascar. Tropical jungles, catchy music, an exciting trip through the river together with cartoon characters, King Julien's and lemurs crazy carousel, tasty food and refreshments - all of that awaits you here! Bright adventures in Universal Studios Singapore will remain in your and your children's hearts forever.


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