Till this day, Singapore remains as one of the tourist’s favorite places to visit. Known not only for its unique architecture, but this land is also rich in culture as well. It is an inarguably one-stop destination that provides great experiences. Embrace the spectacular Lion City at its prime and take in all it has to offer. 

1. Great informative tour with the energetic guide!

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

I did the free walking tour with Lee Huang and it was great! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her city and culture. We went to many places that I never would have thought to visit. She answered every question candidly and thoughtfully, and gave recommendations for the remainder of my visit. Well worth it!

Lauren N

2. Well worth the money and a great evening!

Review of: Walking Tour: Magical River

Fion was amazing, the itinerary was great and the local food was excellent! Highly recommended this night walking tour to others!



Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

Sammy was the most dedicated tour guide we ever had! He walked us around the city, always making sure we got the best views and remained in the shadow or with air conditioning 😉

We had the chance to try local food, visit a 5 star hotel, a jail, a library and tons more. Moreover, he took pictures of us during the tour and then sent them to us via WhatsApp – what more can you ask for in a guide???!!

Sammy, you are amazing and look forward to seeing you again on our next visit to Singapore


4. “Top Notch City Tour and Top Notch Tour Guide”

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

Our tour guide with the company, Green Day Tours, was Sammy and he was “Top Notch.” We learned so many interesting facts about Singapore that we would have never known if we explored the city by ourselves. Sammy also shared many personal stories about life in Singapore that made the tour even better for us. Hopefully if you book a tour with, Green Day Tours, you will be lucky to have Sammy as your tour guide. He also introduced us to local ice cream sandwiches and kaya toast and coffee.


5. A great way to see Singapore

We did the e-scooter tour with our guide Sammy. He was an excellent knowledgeable guide who made us feel like friends rather than client’s.


6. A great ambassador for Singapore!

Review of: Singapore Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

My family and I really enjoyed the informative and educational tour, expertly handled by our guide, Lee Huang. Her love for Singapore is evident and she makes a great unofficial ambassador for Singapore! We started the tour as clients and ended it as friends.


7. Awesome way to know Singapore History!

Review of: Singapore Walking Tour: Cityscapes

The tour guide- Koh Lee Huang really explains the History of Singapore as we enjoy the view while walking. It’s definitely a great experience! Recommended for those first timers like us who just visited Singapore for the first time. ??


8. Must do trip

Review of: Singapore Bicycle Tour: Cityscapes

We had never been on a scooter before (ages 55 &57). The e scooters are very easy to ride and great fun. Our guide Sammy was very knowledgeable about the history of his home, Singapore. We really enjoyed our 3 hours tour with him and would definitely recommend Sammy and this tour to anyone thinking of booking it. Great memories and happy days


9. Best Tour in Singapore

Review of: Bicycle Tour: Cityscapes

The E-Scooter City Tour Was a special and memorable experience. We take our visitors to learn the history of Singapore. We have had Sammy as our guide and he tailors the tour to our interests and spends more time getting to know you as well. This is a must do activity on your visit to Singapore.


10. Amazing first-time experience

Review of: Bicycle Tour: Secrets of the bay

I never had the opportunity to ride an e-scooter so this was really exciting. whenever you go to Singapore you have to try this out. It is like nothing else and the tour guide was also very patient and punctual to show us around.


11. Discover and fall in love with SG while having fun!

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

We learned unexpected stories of how Singapore came to be such as how they had to clean their river for 10 years and that the Merlion belongs to a family! Doris made the tour even more meaningful by sharing her personal stories and she was fun to be with! She knows what she’s doing and is really passionate about it. The tour made me understand and appreciate Singapore and its people, culture, and history even more all while having fun!


12. Excellent Tour!!!

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

Shout out to our tour guide Mr.Anthony Sam. Thank you sir we’ve learned alot about Singapore because of you.recommended guide if you visit SG knowledgeable at the same time funny uncle??. till our next visit sir..

Criselle M

13. Revisiting after 35 years

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

I didn’t plan to take the tour but within minutes of meeting Lee Huang I was very interested in taking this amazing tour. Lee was very friendly, explained things very clearly and her knowledge about the history of Singapore was excellent. She knew the things that I remembered about Singapore and it was a great way to connect with the city! Best three hours of my trip to Singapore so far.


14. A must do

Review of: Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

Really enjoyed our 3 hour tour with Anthony. It was just the two of us, so we were able to ask him lots of questions all the way round. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining and interesting to listen to. Also gave us tips on things to do that we didn’t know about. Highly recommend!


15. I would go for another round!

Review of: Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

Thank you Mr Anthony Sam Walker for this perfect Walking Tour! We discovered tons of the secrets, from the darkest to the longest one. The guide is very communicative, with amazing knowledge about Marina Bay for every step. Perfect. Just perfect and would really go for another round if we could. Thank you so much for the amazing walkthrough!



Review of: Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

It was indeed a great way to learn about Marina Bay and the cultural diversity of Singapore. Anthony is an expert, he knows every detail about them. The tour was fun and engaging. Full of laughter and yet very informative. I do recommend this tour! <3


17. Two thumbs up

Review of: Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

Highly recommended tour for those who seek to know more about Singapore and The Bay. Tour guide Anthony Sam was very entertaining and informative. No dull moments with this guy!!


18. Wonderful and Memorable experience!

I am so glad on my selection of Cityscapes walking tour in Singapore, our expert guide was Jasmine, her company made our tour wonderful and enjoyable. She was highly knowledgeable and related everything interestingly while we were walking though Lion City. It was a memorable experience for me to explore Marina Bay with a new approach.


19. Thanks a lot to GDT team!

Review of: Walking Tour: Harmony of Senses

very cool excursions with competent guides! You will learn a lot of interesting things about Singapore and its sightseeings. I also recommend visiting The City Scapes tour!


20. Anthony is a very informative tour guide

With our guide Anthony, Marina Bay unfurled itself in newer fashion. Learnt about Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his contributions which amazed me as a visitor.


21. Great tour to get to know Singapore’s history

Review of: Walking Tour: Cityscapes

We had a private walking tour around the Marina Bay and Boat quay area with Lee Huang. She’s been amazing. The tour is well organized and informative. Highly recommend if you want to know better the history of Singapore and how it’s evolved over time.


22. An excellent introduction to Singapore and its history!

Review of: Walking Tour: Harmony of Senses

Our tour guide Anthony was superb with a right mix of knowledge and comedy. He kept the tour interesting and fun and answered most questions that were fired at him. I would highly recommend this tour as it gives you a good insight into how Singapore has developed over the years and highlights most of the sights you need to see and do. Anthony is a top bloke and an even better tour guide, thanks for a great tour!


23. Best walking tour in Singapore

Review of: Walking Tour: Secrets of the Bay

The best walking tour in Singapore!!?? Anthony is so fun and with he has a very strong knowledge of Singapore!!!


24. Amazing walking tour of the bay!

Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and fun to talk to. He was able to answer all of our questions and provide us with history and fun facts we would not have found on the internet. The entire staff is extremely warm and welcoming and happy to help with anything you may need. I would highly recommend this tour to kick start your trip.


25. Unforgettable Experience

My last visit to Singapore was my second time on the island. With a free day before business meetings, I took a stroll down the Marina Bay area and stumbled upon Green Day Tours. A free walking tour was just about to kick off so I wrote down my name and joined in. I figured I could just wander off if the tour was boring, however, the guide got me hooked within minutes. I thought I had Googled enough about Singapore but that was not the case. John, the guide, knew his city inside and out. He answered anything and everything I asked. I had such a great time I started feeling bad that the tour was free of charge. They do encourage tipping and I did not hold back. Not really. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Singapore for the first time or even return visitors will learn things they had not been told before.


In Singapore, there is much more than meets the eye. Get to know everything there is about the Lion City by signing up on the tour packages in Green day Tours. Plan out your itinerary by knowing the best attractions in Singapore through attractionsbox.com and also travel effortlessly by checking out the bicycle rental packages at Joyscoot. Last but not the least, feel free to share your experiences about the city and our service to enable us to improvise according to your needs and expectations.

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