Sabah is in its sense considered to be quite a unique place. Snorkeling in the heart of picturesque coral reefs, sunbathing on the beach, fishing, hiking, bathing in hot springs, diving, rafting, and even familiarity with the life of local tribes still living in the deepest local jungles – one can say that in Sabah, everything is possible. Try to plan your vacation so that to stay in this part of Borneo for not less than a week to completely familiarize with this place and then it will turn out to be a real vacation and surely an unforgettable adventure.

Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah. Stay in this town for a few days to see how intertwined the fate of different nations and their religions are and how aboriginal life on the island converges with the imminent civilization. Take a look at the main mosque of Kota Kinabalu, after all, perhaps only in Malaysia religious canons are so harmoniously combined with the high-Tech. Main mosque is not just another place of worship, this unique structure is a fresh look of architects at Islam.

City Centre is strewn with modern malls, boutiques with best brands in the world, and the quay promenade is a perfect place to unwind from the midday heat. In one of the many authentic restaurants here you can sip one or two glasses of beer listening to live music and taste the best dishes of local and international cuisine. 

Every Sunday one of the most popular streets in Kota Kinabalu Gaya Street, turns into a real fair. From six o'clock in the morning to 13pm the local craftsmen, artists and other artisans offer a choice of their crafts of beads, pearls, wood and fabric. On such a day Gaia is the best place to buy souvenirs, for example, a traditional Malaysian batik painting made on fabric, or a pearl necklace. At the fair there is always a great selection of tropical fruits, which are much cheaper here than in supermarkets.

Manukan and Sapi Islands

If the shoreline of Kota Kinabalu is the perfect place to watch ships and boats arriving to the local pier from the mainland of Malaysia or the Philippines, then sprinkle of the amazing beauty islands about ten kilometers from the city - is the best place for swimming. White sand, crystal clean water and living coral reef - perhaps that’s just the very paradise you are looking for in these tropics. Mask, snorkel and fins will be given to anyone who is eager to explore the diversity of the underwater world that lives just fifty meters from the shore. Buffet in the middle of the day will add some strength to the upcoming new exploration.


Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park is 754 square kilometers of jungle, mountains, waterfalls, winding paths and meadows which UNESCO declared world heritage in 2000. Take a hike into the mountains to the summit of the legendary Mount Kinabalu. They say that in the past century the local aboriginal people still held their sacrificial ceremonies at the top of this giant, and today their grandchildren guides offer visitors to reveal the secrets of their tribes.

7669fd2d3cf0ace367e65a1a39765c1aFollowing one of the many trails found in these jungles try to find its suspension bridges. The highest in Malaysia, raised 40 meters above the ground level, suspended on trees without as single nail these canopy bridges are an experience of its own. Through the trees swaying back and forth from each step, holding tight on the handrail ropes, go through the green abyss and feel the adrenaline that changes your own view of yourself. This is just an exciting adventure and for greater courage, rest assured it is safe.

As a reward for those who subjugated their will to the mountains and jungles at the foot of Kinabalu there rests the hot springs. Bath of hydrocarbon geysers, hot pools and ice, private houses for those who want to relax for real - here is an entire infrastructure for recreation and health. Take advantage of this gift of nature, having rented chalet with a healing bath for a few hours in the middle of the tropics.

Safari on the River

Tourism in Sabah is primarily about the beauty of nature. It has a unique and endemic nature, that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. By going to the very depths of the jungle along the river by boat, one can observe unique god’s creatures, proboscis monkeys or long-nosed monkeys, lizards, flying foxes and bats.

After dinner, at dusk, yet another unique performance begins: in the trees along the river banks hundreds of thousands of fireflies light their green lights. Their flickering light illuminates the bushes along the river, the river itself and even the boat - all around - in the atmosphere of a special sacrament in which man becomes enraptured spectator, who never ceases the chance to be amazed by the wonders of nature.

f49b813274e33883e5066a69e1e5e837Monsopiad Village
Many centuries ago, desperate warrior of the "kadazan" tribe by the name of  Monsopiad, vowed that he would protect his village from all enemies and would fight for it till the last drop of his blood. So he earned the fame of the great patron, who gave resistance to all even the most dangerous criminals who tried to molest his tribesmen wealth. He killed the enemy with no mercy, and to prove his valor adorned the yard of his house with their skulls. Forty-two skulls were his trophies. However, soon the passion and thirst for blood led to the destruction of the warrior himself, when in boredom and despair he began to kill those whom he himself had sworn to protect. 

Today Monsopiad is a cultural Village, telling about the life of one of the largest tribes of Sabah. Traditional ceremonies, tribal dances, cuisine and way of life - become a guest of the village and its residents will be happy to tell you the story of its unusual past. For many centuries Monsopiad bears the name of that same warrior, who finished his valiant way in shame, however, local residents still managed to maintain respect for the bygone feats, unprecedented strength and courage of their counsel.


Dreaming to catch barracuda on the hook? Then wake up at 5am, the best bite, throw fishing gear in single-deck boat, and go forward, from the pier of Kota Kinabalu right into the open sea. For those who forgot the bait at home: fishing equipment, bait and other lures will be provided on board of the most boats operating deep sea fishing. In the day time there is usually a lunch will be provided , but if you want to cook something that you caught on your own, we wish you a good bite!

Diving at Sipadan Island
Sipadan is once an extinct underwater volcano, now long overgrown with dense jungles and fringed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Borneo. Today, being one of the most precious Malaysian natural heritage sites, entry to Sipadan is limited in an effort to conserve it’s nature.Be assured that your reservation request came in with a positive response. However, this restriction is entirely justified: the coral reefs around the island are unique. Here the coral reefs are teeming with over 200 species of sea creatures which are fun to observe even for the experienced diver. "Coral Gardens", for example are suitable for diving at any level of complexity, and this is like an untilled field for underwater photographers. A "Turtle Cave" by the way, may offer to test for you in its numerous corridors and for those who are already tired of the shallow waters.

994a78b856be0393ef91b5733c7816d7 Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre 
"Orang utan" in local language means "forest man". These unique primates are found only in two places on the planet: on the Indonesian Sumatra and on the island of Borneo. Meek forest creatures, as we all do sometimes need help and protection. In a rehabilitation center for orangutans, abandoned and lonely baby animals are provided with help to grow and get accustomed to the wild environment. Once you are here on any given day, you may be seeing as how small orangutans grown man become ready to return to the wild and how caring members of the center feed adult orangutans, emerging from the woods, with milk and bananas. You can also stay for a few days in a chalet in the middle of the forest, leave the short-track for several kilometers deep into the jungle, or take a ride down the river along the mangroves.


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