76f0d5cd37e8ccd1106fdc5bc0fb306b Cable Car

Since its opening in 2005 Langkawi Cable Car has become one of the main attractions of the island. The cable cars will take the visitors up to Machincang mountain at the height of 708 meters where they can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the whole island and the sea. With clear sky they can also be able to see the surrounding islands of Southern Thailand.
Langkawi Cable Car is located in the Oriental Village, a shopping and entertainment centre in the southwest part of Langkawi. Here you can ride an elephant, have a nice meal, buy souvenirs or just wander around beautiful ponds with carps and cozy buildings nicely designed in Malay architecture.
Cable Car system consists of 3 stations: Base, Middle and Top. Your journey will start from the Base Station where modern cable car will slowly take you up above the jungles offering a wonderful view of Telaga Tujuh – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Langkawi. If lucky you can also see eagles, hornbills and other colorful tropical birds.
 At 650 m above sea level you’ll reach the Middle Station. Here you can make a stop and walk to the viewing platform to enjoy the view and take pictures. Board back to the cable cars and another 450 meters will bring you to the Top Station. There are jungle tracks that can bring you back to the Middle Station and to the “Seven Wells” waterfall (Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh). The temperature here is 5 degrees less that at the foot of the mountain. 
Working hours: from 10.00am till 6.00pm (Monday-Thursday), from 12.00pm till 6.00pm (Wednesday), from 9.30am till 7.00pm (Friday-Sunday, public holidays).
Address: Oriental Village 
Occupying 23,000 sqm the park features more than 150 species of birds from all over the world: Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Oceania, Australia, Russia and China. The park is covered with a roof, so the bad weather cannot stop you from visiting this beautiful place. Here you can also see some animals and even feed them.

Address: along Jalan Ayer Hangat, 10-minute drive from Kuah

Working hours: from 8.30am till 7.30pm (daily)
fb61820040c0f115061312e4534fbf5b CROCODILE FARM
It is one of the biggest farms of such kind in the world with more than 1,000 species of crocodiles and alligators. Don’t miss the daily shows where the farm’s staff will show you dangerous and risky stunts with these big and toothy creatures. Among others is the thrilling wrestling match man vs crocodile! You can also watch them being fed in the special pond and learn more about these biggest in the world reptiles in the exhibition hall.

Address: Teluk Datai, about 30 km from Kuah

Working hours: from 9.00am till 6.00pm (daily)
It is one of the biggest aquaria in Southeast Asia featuring more than 4,000 species of fish and 500 species of animals and birds. There is an underwater tunnel where you can enjoy a ride surrounded by sharks, morays and big ocean fishes. Other aquariums house jellyfishes, sea horses, coral fishes. There is a special section displaying few species of penguins – you can observe them in the very close to natural environment.
Other section features inhabitants of Amazon: arowanas, anacondas, gourami. You can also watch the birds: mandarin ducks, flamingos, swans.
To learn more about the life of water creatures go to 3D cinema hall showing documentaries about flora and fauna of the sea.

Address: Pantai Cenang, Lot FF8, Jalan Persiaran Putra

Working hours: from 10.00am till 6.00pm (daily)

847616e917737c1467527609d3b5d89e SNAKE SANCTUARY
This snake sanctuary houses many different species: from king cobra to pitons. 

Address: Lot FF8, Jalan Persiaran Putra, not far from the airport

Working hours: from 10.00am till 5.00pm (Monday-Thursday), from 10.00am till 7.00pm (Friday-Sunday) 

The waterfall is located in the jungle in the north-western part of the island. It has such a name because the flows of the waterfall are cascading in seven streams creating seven natural pools. It is a very picturesque attraction in Langkawi. As the legend says this is the place where the Heaven Fairies would go down to swim and play. 
Comments: you can also reach the waterfall by a jungle track from the Top Station of the Cable Car

Mangrove forest is a natural ecosystem of Langkawi island, being a natural shield protecting from storms and strong winds. It is one of the reasons why Langkawi had little damage during tsunami in December 2004. The forest occupies more than 1,000 ha of the island. Embassy Alliance Travel recommends you to purchase a Mangrove Tour which will also bring you to fish farm and includes seafood lunch.
Have an interesting tour along mangrove forest watching its inhabitants - birds, monkeys, lizards.

d29a4cdc095726cea993352e33d5e3d9 ISLANDS OF LANGKAWI
(Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Beras Basah and Pulau Singa Besar)

Langkawi is surrounded by numerous small islands.

The well-known legendary Pregnant Maiden Island (Pulau Dayang Bunting) derives the name from its shape - it really looks like a lying pregnant lady - and also from a legend. People believe that freshwater lake nestled in the middle of the island can endow fertility to childless women.

The Island of Wet Rice (Pulau Beras Basah) is famous for its white sand beach and clear waters – a perfect place to relax and swim.

The Island of Big Lion (Pulau Singa Besar) is a small nature resort featuring many different flora and fauna species. Have a walk around the island and swim in its clear blue waters.

Embassy Alliance Travel as a tour operator in Malaysia and Singapore recommends you to purchase an Island Hopping Tour which will bring you to these most famous islands.


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