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Camps in Dubai, UAE

Learning principles of our camps are based on holistic improvement of an individual's mental, physical and social skills. Regardless of the camp program all the components are brought to participants via interactive and fun environment filled with games and activities.

Upcoming Camps in Dubai, UAE


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Dubai, UAE

English camp

  25 oct - 1 Nov 2022
  2 Jan - 10 Jan 2023
  +10 Years Old


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Dubai, UAE

Robotic & STEM Camp

  25 oct - 1 Nov 2022
  2 Jan - 10 Jan 2023
  4 - 15 Years Old


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Dubai, UAE

Football Camp

  25 oct - 1 Nov 2022
  2 Jan - 10 Jan 2023
  10 - 16 Years Old

Skills learned and improved in our camps

Our Camps are holistic programs focused on the improvement of kid’s mental, physical, social and leadership skills which are so important in the modern world

Improve English language skills

by immersion in the language environment

Double the speed

at which you read currently

Time management

learn to manage your time efficiently

Physical health

sporting activities will help to take a break from mental exercises and get fit

Improve memory

Learn to memorize large volumes of any information


a variety of life skills

Explore Dubai's beauty

and its nature and thriving metropolitan cities

Develop logic and mental processing skills

both through working in a team and on one’s own

Learn touch typing

in English keyboard


each child has a chance to become more self-driven and develop new skills

Improve leadership skills

through daily team-building activities


new and interesting people

Increase productivity

and learn to accomplish tasks more efficiently

Get the Super Kid 2022 certificate

And a lot more ...

The focus of Embassy is safety in everything

Our Camps are holistic programs focused on the improvement of kid’s mental, physical, social and leadership skills which are so important in the modern world

Accompanying children by group leader from the airport

Two separate student dormitories, one for boys and one for girls

Closed guarded territory on the basis of the British School

Accompanying children by camp counselors during excursions and walks around the city

Excursions during the camp

Dubai, UAE has lots of sites for curious minds. We fill our summer camps and boarding camps with guided excursions to visit the most famous landmarks around.

Evening activities at the camp

Learning through experience is the key component of our camps. We arrange daily evening activities that develop confidence, public speaking skills, teamwork, decision making and other qualities in the participants of our camps.

Our principles and values:

All of our boarding and summer camps are developed with these principles and values in mind to deliver holistic skill, body and mind development to all the participants.

We believe education environment should be safe, engaging and fun and build all our camps with this principle as a base component.

We believe that social skills and ability to communicate effectively are crucial in today's society

We include components that promote these abilities in all of our boarding and summer camps.

We believe in balanced nutrition and make sure that buffet tables in our boarding camps are filled with a good variety of healthy foods.

We believe that sports play a very important role in teenage development.

It's scientifically proven that an active lifestyle makes a happier, more productive individuals. Having moderate sport activity modules and active team buildings on a daily basis make the camp time absolutely awesome for participants.

We believe that a good camp leader is our road to success

We find professional leaders with big hears and provide them further training to make the camps an absolute success. Most of our camp leaders have worked with us for many years and absolutely enjoy to see results in youth they develop.

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What Our Clients Say

 It was for the first time that my daughter attended the camp and she was so much impressed by her stay there!


(Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

 My son spent a wonderful month without computer games. He made friends with children from other countries, and now they keep in touch over Skype and speak English.


(Kazan, Russia)

 I could hardly recognize my child! He became more independent and more eager to learn English. School teachers have noticed that Arthur considerably improved his English


(Rostov, Russia)

 My child’s safety is top priority for me. At Embassy English camp group leaders were staying with children around the clock, and uploaded photos of how the children spent the day to the parents’ online group


(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

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