A Trip to Monsopiad Village | Borneo

A Trip to Monsopiad Village | Borneo

A village showing the life of the Kadazan tribe (one of the most widespread tribes on the island of Borneo). Once upon a time, this tribe had a tradition of cutting off the heads of warriors who attacked it. As a method of intimidating marauders, they hung the skulls of the slain on their houses, and the warrior Monsopiades, who started this tradition, collected them from the sei in the hut.
In honor of him, the most glorious warrior, the village was named. However, being too carried away by the murders and getting a taste, Monsopiades became aggressive towards his fellow villagers, who began to fear him and one night killed him for insolence. Nevertheless , the tribe bore his name for many decades. In the village you will feel the life and take part in the traditional rituals of the tribe.

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